Four Fathoms, Herne Bay

★ The Four Fathoms is a pub for all people, but nice people – we don’t care what you look like or what you sound like as long as you are nice; diversity is a wonderful thing. Nice people respect other nice people; you should always expect to feel safe and welcome in the Four Fathoms.

☆ We are a pub that does great food not a just another food pub. We have a huge passion for food but have an even greater passion for great pubs. This is our home and we want to make it a happy place. Just because it does great food, does not make it just a place to eat.

★ We want to be the pub in Herne Bay that will make the other people of Kent very jealous that it’s not their local.

☆ We hate the term ‘Gastro Pub’ it sounds like an illness. However we will be given that label purely because we want to offer a quality of food and service that is akin to the best ‘gastro pubs’ in the country. Our style of food is simple; think creatively, cook it as if your life depended upon it, make it look beautiful and above all make it remarkable… memorable (for the right reasons!) and always satisfying. Above all our food will be value for money; great modern pub food to make you and your stomach smile.

★ We love beer and want to represent some of the best beer in the world. We want to showcase the best that Shepherd Neame has to offer and many might be surprised at the diversity of styles and incredible quality of Britain’s oldest brewer. There is a beer for everyone, if you don’t like beer than you have not found your one yet; we want to help you find it.

☆ Just because a boozer is classy does not mean that it’s fancy. The Four Fathoms is our home and we always like to make our home nice. So you will find nice ‘touches’ in the pub and things will be done to a very high standard but that just makes it nice not fancy. We will always feel honoured that people want to come into our establishment so we want to make them feel welcome. If things are not as nice as they can be please let us know; we won’t be offended just grateful at a chance to make things better.

★ We are not sure what the term ‘fun pub’ is but we definitely want to make our pub a fun place to be. If you are spending your hard earned money in our little place we want to make sure you have fun spending it.

☆ Finally there is one thing that makes all the great pubs of Britain great, that is people. We will never forget that the most important thing in the pub are you our nice people. We want people to come into a pub, not just to drink and eat, but to have a jolly nice time, to relax, unwind, laugh, perhaps dance and generally leave at the end of the evening feeling better about the world than when you arrived.